Anne Baird (she/they) is a podcast reviewer, consultant, and creator with a love of well-made fiction and and nonfiction alike.

Anne has a Masters of Business Administration and has an unbridled love of mathematics, spreadsheets, and organization. For her day job, Anne manages operations for a real estate investment company in New Jersey, but most of Anne’s time is spent working on Scoring Magic and VALENCE as a founder of Hug House Productions, or on Radio Drama Revival as their social media and marketing manager.

If Anne isn’t working one of their many jobs, they can be found listening to musical soundtracks or podcasts, or playing in one of several tabletop RPG campaigns.

They have also taken on several one-line or bit voice acting roles in various podcasts such as Standard Docking Procedure and in Radio Drama Revival ad inserts, with more to be released in the upcoming months.

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