I want to make it as easy as possible for y’all to give me your hard-earned dollars, so there are a few options for supporting my work:

To support my work as an individual with one-time donations, please donate via Ko-Fi or PayPal!

To support my individual work with recurring donations, you can check out my Patreon account!

If you’re interested in supporting my production company, we have our own support page on our website with both one-time and subscription options!

I love to support other creators, so here’s a list of creators I currently support on Patreon:

  • Elena Fernández Collins
  • Gavin Gaddis
  • Amanda McColgan
  • Jordan Cobb
  • Jack Rhysider
  • Stormfire Productions
  • Passer Vulpes Productions

And for individual podcasts that I support:

  • Honey Roast